Thursday 15th August 2013

The Road to becoming Leeds’ Number 1.

Summer is in full swing, and we are busier than ever at The Chambers.
The opening of Leeds Trinity Shopping centre and the Leeds First Direct Arena has enhanced the city even more with guest from all over the country coming to discover what Leeds has to offer.

People often ask us what is our secret, how did you become the number one place to stay in Leeds? It’s no secret, just the right ingredients mixed together with a fantastic team of hard working staff.

I thought I’d let you in and reveal our 5 top tips to The Chambers success:

  1. Underselling and over delivering– we believe in the power of the ‘wow factor’ there is no better service than giving the clients above and beyond what they expect. We always try to upgrade guests where possible to make their stay ‘extra’ special.
  2. We love what we do- Being a small team but perfectly formed, we are all passionate about The Chambers. Coming to work is a joy; we are like one big happy family!
  3. We are so proud of Yorkshire- Just like The Chambers it’s the best kept secret. We are so proud to be part of a thriving and exciting city, we are passionate about helping Leeds grow and expand. We know where to recommend to our guests and are always happy to point people in the right direction of the best restaurants, bars, and shopping centres.
  4. We are different- with more balconies than any other hotel in Leeds, total secure parking, a fabulous courtyard  and a candle lit library, The Chambers definitely offers more than just a bed!
  5. Totally independent and family run- We pride ourselves in being a totally independent genuine family run business! 

Now that you know our secret, word will get out and everyone will want to stay!


Number one in Leeds!