Thursday 02nd May 2019

The Chambers is the best place to stay in Leeds for a night out

best place to stay in leeds for a night out

Every so often, we all need the opportunity to relax and enjoy ourselves. If you have decided that you are going to be going into Leeds for a night out, why not book a place to stay in Leeds? If you are considering stopping in the Leeds city centre, the best place to stay in Leeds for a night out is The Chambers.

We offer so much more than just a hotel to those who choose to stay at The Chambers. When you stop with The Chambers, you will find that you have much more than just a place to sleep – you have an entire apartment to enjoy!

Here’s why The Chambers is the best place to stay in Leeds for a night out.

3 times the floor space, combined with fabulous service

While a hotel has many benefits, such as the services on offer, you never get much more than a bed. You might have a kettle and a chair, but that’s about it.

Our apartments offer the comfort that everyone craves. Our 97 beautiful apartments all have around 3 times more floor space than hotel rooms, with all of the wonderful services that are on offer in the best hotels.

With all the room in our apartments, you also have more than simply a bed. Which takes us onto our next point…

Wi-fi, living space, kitchen… and more!

You might have noticed that we love the phrase more than just a bed. However, we aren’t just fond of the way it sounds; we have a commitment to ensure all our apartments offer far more than just a bed to our customers.

Here are just 3 examples of how our apartments give you more than a bed to sleep in:


When stopping at The Chambers, you will have access to free wi-fi. Our speedy wi-fi is perfect for checking social media and browsing the web during your stay in one of our award-winning apartments.

Living space:

One of the biggest limitations of hotels – even the best hotels – is that you usually do not have any living space to enjoy. While you might have a chair or a small TV, you don’t have a proper living space you can truly relax in. At The Chambers, all of our apartments have a luxurious living space featuring sofas and a flat-screen TV. All apartments also have DVD players, so why not settle down in front of the TV with a DVD?


Have you ever stopped in a hotel where you have had a kitchen in your own room? No, neither have we! That’s why one of the main advantages of our apartments is that you have your very own kitchen. Why spend a fortune on meals and food if you have the facilities to make your own?

Best place to stay in Leeds for a night out: Number one hotel in Leeds

While this might all sound like bragging, our boasting is justified according to our guests!

According to TripAdvisor, which is where our guests leave feedback, we are the number one hotel in Leeds in 2019. We are glad that our customers think so highly of the services and apartments that we have on offer!

If you are considering having a night out in Leeds, our status as the best hotel in Leeds confirms that The Chambers in the best place to stay in Leeds for a night out.