Wednesday 08th May 2019

Leeds Meeting Space: Can’t find the right Leeds meeting space?

Leeds Meeting Space

In a city as big as Leeds, you would think that it would be easy to find the right meeting space. However, that does not mean that you will not struggle to find the meeting space that is just right. Are you in the position where you cannot find the right Leeds meeting space?

Here at The Chambers, we now have rooms that are dedicated for meetings. These rooms are designed to meet the requirements of our customers directly. They are catered directly to the needs of those who are arranging a meeting in a variety of ways. If you are stuck on your search for the perfect Leeds meeting space for your event, you’ve found the right place. Here are 3 reasons that our meeting rooms are ideal for hosting your event.

Leeds Meeting Space with Dedicated Events Team

Here at The Chambers, we understand that you are going to want your event to take place as smoothly as possible. That is why we have a dedicated events team devoted to ensuring that your event goes as well as it possibly can.

When you choose to host a meeting within our facilities, we don’t expect you to bring along your own event staff. We have a dedicated event team on hand that will be able to assist you with the majority of your requests. Our team is made up of helpful, attentive individuals who work together to ensure your event takes place without any hitches!

Meeting Space with Planning and Organisation Assistance

In the same way that our award-winning apartments offer much more than just a bed, our meeting space offers much more than simply a place to meet. We appreciate that the planning and organisation of an event are never easy. With so many factors to consider and so many things to do, you shouldn’t have to plan and organise everything alone!

When you hire our AIM-accredited meeting rooms, we have dedicated staff on hand to offer you assistance with the planning and organisation of your event. For example, our devoted team can assist with the arranging of outside catering to the setting up of our cutting-edge technology. Whether you require technical assistance or simply someone to handle some phone calls for you, we can help out.

Meeting Facilities Close to the Central Train Station

Will your event have people travelling from all over the place to attend? If so, it can be an absolute logistical nightmare ensuring that everyone turns up on time and finds the right place. Our meeting facilities can make your life a whole lot easier, as they are located a mere 5-minute walk from the Leeds train station.

Finding your way to our facilities from the Leeds Train Station is simple. With a walk taking approximately 5 minutes, we’re virtually on the train station’s doorstep. Since our facilities are so close to the train station, your event guests will have no problem finding us when they step off the train.

Make attending your event simple by choosing facilities located close to the train station, such as ours!