Sunday 16th June 2019

Places to eat in Leeds

Places to eat in Leeds

Places to eat in Leeds

If you’re merely popping in to Leeds or stopping in the area for a couple of days, chances are you’re going to want to go out for a meal or two while you’re in town. Fortunately, there are lots of fantastic restaurants serving some brilliant food in Leeds.

Whether you’re looking for fine dining or cosy cafes, or something in between, there is something for everyone in Leeds. Here are our Leeds top picks!

The Cross Keys

For those wanting a friendly pub environment rather than a formal restaurant The Cross Keys have managed to fantastically balance the provision of drinks and tasty meals. It is a short walk from the city centre and is a comfortable and welcoming gastropub.

At Cross Keys, the food that you’ll find traditional pub grub done with flair; meals such as sausage and mash, pork and chicken dinner are what you can expect. Everything is plated beautifully and cooked to perfection, and the portion sizes are more than sufficient for anybody.

Ox Club

Originally, Ox Club was a street food pop-up at Belgrave Feast. Now, because of its success, Ox Club is a restaurant based at Headrow House. Even if you don’t know Leeds, Ox Club is easy to find because of its central location.

At the Club, you’ll find the finest local produce on offer, all available as part of a British modern menu. There are a wide range of mains that you can enjoy, including the popular guinea fowl with bacon jam, herb fed chicken or salt aged lamb rump.


If you’re looking for something that’s going to make you feel on top of the world, Angelica is for you, and that’s not just because it’s on the top floor of a tall building!

Angelica is known for being one of the best places to go for a meal in Leeds, particularly because of the varied menu that has something for everybody. The international menu has food from many continents, so no matter what you like to eat there is a lovely meal waiting for you here.

If you have a keen interest in drinks, there is a surprisingly extensive cocktail list on offer at Angelica. We won’t say no to some of these!

Kendell’s Bistro

If you’re a fan of French cuisine in particular, Kendell’s Bistro is the spot in Leeds for you.

Unlike many restaurants, Kendell’s Bistro has a menu that seems to be constantly in a state of flux; the specials are ever-changing, so you never know what culinary delight you can look forward to when visiting. Of course, the delectable options constantly changing just gives you a reason to come back!

The Man Behind the Curtain

Last, but by no means least, is The Man Behind the Curtain. This restaurant is the hidden gem of Leeds, rapidly developing an impressive reputation. The Man Behind the Curtain holds a  Michelin Star, making this a must-book restaurant; and that isn’t just a saying we’re using: you really must book, as the waiting list is a significant length. To visit, you’re going to have to book well in advance.

Despite the lengthy weight, The Man Behind the Curtain is more than worth the wait. Fine dining meets high art here, and the delectable tasting menus are constantly changing. Every meal is a work of beauty, so you’re truly in for an unsurpassed experience.