Monday 10th June 2019

What people are looking for in serviced apartments

What people are looking for in serviced apartments

Business trip, weekend away, moving to a new city. Whatever your reason for needing to use a serviced apartment for a period of time, it’s not really too much of a shock that you want to use a serviced apartment; they’re known for being one of the best locations that you can choose to stay, primarily because you will have absolutely everything that you need provided.

Serviced apartments offer more privacy and freedom than a hotel for many trips, and they also offer exciting facilities and amenities on most occasions. You really will have everything that you need.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what people are looking for in serviced apartments.

Luxury home away from home

People who are looking for serviced apartments want a home from home but when you are paying for this then that added bit of luxury really counts. With space to relax and unwind, people can make the choice to cook a meal or entertain family and friends. Serviced Apartments give the flexibility and freedom that cannot be offered in a hotel – with additional services such as shopping delivery, laundry and dry cleaning and secretarial support, each individual’s needs can be catered for.


If you don’t have connection to the internet these days, you can end up getting left behind by the rest of the world and having a lot to catch up on. Especially if you’re going to be away from home from a sustained period of time, it’s important to make sure than you have access to high-speed, stable Wi-Fi. If you don’t, you’ll be shocked by the amount that you end up missing.

Fortunately, the majority of serviced apartment operators make sure that their clients have the powerful and stable Wi-Fi connection that they need to get on with their day to day tasks. This premium internet experience will ensure that you’re always connected, so you’re not going to miss out on anything important.


As you might already be aware, the majority of serviced apartments already have some kind of TV, because it’s such a popular feature that people ask for. However, in recent times people have expected more than just a basic TV in their serviced apartment: premium satellite subscriptions are the big thing at the moment.

Did you know that many serviced apartments now offer premium subscriptions, such as full Sky television? This provides endless entertainment while you’re at your serviced apartment, and it means that you don’t have to spend money looking for entertainment in the town or city that you’re in.

If you’re lucky, the apartment that you’re in will have a smart TV, meaning you can make use of applications such as Netflix. You’re definitely not going to go bored in your apartment!

On-site gym

It’s really hard to find the time to go to the gym if you’re busy, and even when you have the time to do so you might not have the motivation that you need. However, if you had access to an on-site gym as part of your serviced apartment, it’s likely that you’d use it a lot more than you would use a gym that wasn’t so easily accessible.

Having access to a gym as part of your serviced apartment is great, because it means that you can squeeze in time to go to the gym, regardless of how much time you actually have. For example, you can simply go to the gym for 15 minutes before you go back to your room.