Wednesday 31st October 2018

Visitor Attractions in Leeds

Visitor Attractions in Leeds
When you are thinking where to visit, Leeds may not be your immediate thought. However, Leeds has plenty going on and is in some peoples opinion the Capital of the North! There are places to visit that you may not know about without a little bit of research.
There is a lot to do in this Yorkshire city, so ensure you don’t miss out during your visit. This guide has some of the best things that you can do or visit in Leeds, so see how many you can try or visit while you are in the city!

Leeds Grand Theatre
If you’re a fan of the theatre, you are in for a treat when you visit Leeds.
Leeds Grand Theatre is one of the most stunning locations in Leeds, beautiful inside and out. While the building itself is truly something to behold, that is before even considering the shows that you will be able to enjoy!
Leeds Grand Theatre is known nationwide for showcasing up-and-coming world-class talent, with multiple type of shows being played here. What’s not to love?

Leeds Corn Exchange
There are plenty of places that you can go shopping in Leeds, but not many are as stunning as the Leeds Corn Exchange.
Unlike the majority of modern shopping centres, the Corn Exchange shopping centre is one of the most stunning Victorian buildings that you’ll come across in Leeds, if not the entire UK.
The building is a masterpiece of architecture, showcasing the brilliance of Victorian times architecture. Of course, it’s not all about the beautiful construction; there are also plenty of shops contained within, so whether you’re looking for independent retails or large chain shops, this is the place to be in Leeds.

Hyde Park Picture House
If you’re longing for a vintage cinema experience while you are enjoying your time in Leeds, you are in luck; Leeds has two independent vintage cinemas within a mile of each other, neither too far away from the city. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy both, perhaps enjoy a movie.
The Hyde Park Picture House and Cottage Road Cinema are both based in the Headingley area of Leeds, and both are truly a sight to behold. Both cinemas have been kept in fantastic condition, looking almost as good as they did back when they were first constructed.
Hyde Park Picture House and Cottage Road Cinema both offer a super alternative to your standard cinemas, primarily due to the fact that they are significantly cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere. You’re going to have a fantastic retro experience without the prices that many experiences will cost.

Royal Armouries
Exploring a museum is always a fascinating occurrence, and Leeds has one of the best museums that you will find in the area: Royal Armouries.
Royal Armouries is a free museum containing thousands of war-related pieces, such as Henry VIII’s armour. Situated in an easily-accessible area of Leeds, there is no excuse to no visit this family-friendly museum, especially when you consider that it is free to enter!
For young and old, this museum offers an interesting and informative day out. On some days, you will also be able to enjoy enactments and tours, bringing the history contained within the building to life; these events are not something you want to miss out on.

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